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Vangelis on acid



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Nice atmosphere-building opening - reminding me of some of Billy Corgan's work on the stigmata soundtrack. And as such, this would make a good song for a movie soundtrack - something dark and brooding. Great jangly percussion in there, I love that stuff. I'm reall liking this actually, great mood - congratulations.


Q:  Who are you?
A:  We're the Spitting Angels.
Q:  No, really?
A:  Ok. you got us, We're really New-age Zen-Buddhist Mormons subversively converting you to our religion. It's okay to tell you this now because the process has already started and is irreversible. So, congratulations! You're well on your way to spiritual enlightenment.
Q:  That's not true...who are you really?
A:  Why must you be so persistent in this line of questioning?
Q:  Well, what does "spitting angels" mean?
A:  There are a couple of meanings and with any luck, the few who know those meanings will propagate rumors across the internet and we'll end up with 117 or more.
Q:  Why 117?
A:  Because it was foretold by our New-age Zen-Buddhist Mormon spiritual leader, Confusus.
Q:  Whoa, that chick in your band is hot. Can I get her #?
A:  What chick?
Q:  Why are you so whiny?
A:  Why are you so bitchy?
Q:  Is Shadow the real name of your singer?
A:  No. His real name is unpronounceable in your tongue.
Q:  Are you Goth?
A:  The question you should be asking yourself is 'What is Goth'? Basically, nobody knows and even Goths can't decide what Goth is or isn't. We play rock and roll. We're kind of dark and mysterious. We sometimes wear makeup and have a flair for being dramatic. But we also smile alot and play acoustic guitar sometimes and wear color. Draw your own conclusions.
Q:  Why do you keep saying "we" when it's obvious that the band consists of one person?
A:   I am referencing myself. And the voices in my head.
Q:  Really?
A:  No. Well, sort of. There wasn't a band then there was and after some time, there wasn't again. Now there sort of is but not really. it's kind of complicated. Let's just say that Spitting Angels is Shadow and whatever group of musicians he can convince to be interested in the project at the moment.
Q:  Why is alot your music so hissy and doesn't sound what stuff I buy at the music store?
A:  First of all, let's be honest. Both you and I know you get your music from online file-sharing services. But to explain, what you are hearing are demos. They are not final versions of songs. Almost all of them were done on a simple four-track and, being that they are demos, not a whole lot of time was invested in them. After all, even if you were to sculpt a castle out of your own feces, it still ends up being a pile of shit. I could've spent much more time with the demos and still would've been unsatisfied with the end results. There's so much you have to compromise with only four analog tracks. Something's gotta go. And it ain't gonna be the guitar. In defense, much of the hiss has been removed during the remastering process. So that's probably just alien frequencies you are picking up through your dental fillings.
Q:  Hey, I work in the music industry in darkest Peru and if you send me a free CD and some marmalade I'll get your music played here.
A:  Hey, Paddington—nice try. If you really wanted to help us out you'd just download our songs, burn them to a CD and pester your friends at the local college radio station or the DJ at your favorite club and get them to play our music. Does the term "starving artist" mean anything to you? We've invested our whole future into this and we'd like to get something out of it besides a mountain of debt (which was relatively easy to obtain). We also owe Confusus alot of money--spiritual awakenings don't come cheap...
Q:  My parents told me that I shouldn't listen to your music cause it's too depressing and will make me want to kill myself.
A:  Then you should kill your parents so you can keep enjoying our music.
Q:  What's your stance on File-Sharing programs (KaZaa, WinMX, etc)?
A:  Well, good luck finding us on one of those programs...if you do, let us know. we want exposure for our music and whether by Internet or Record Label, we'd still by getting ripped off...that's why we made high-quality mp3 files available. Download them, listen and spread the word, damn you. But be nice and also pay us money if you can spare it.
Q:  Say, you're pretty good. How come you don't have a record deal?
A:  We don't believe in getting screwed by a major label and it's not likely that they'll throw tons of money at us AND let us retain absolute artistic control of our music so therefore, we haven't sought out a record deal. We could, in time, make more money running our own label and still retain artistic rights and our integrity. This allows us the opportunity to keep creating groundbreaking music instead of clones of what our last hit song was and also awesome videos and other cool things that a typical record company might not feel is worth the investment. Unfortunately, it's getting harder and harder nowadays for an independent band to make a living because most people will just take their music off the internet without even the least bit compensation for it. So if you really like our music help us out. Buy our stuff, send us donations (just email for an address). If you can't send money, send us books or CD's you think we'd enjoy. Send food...canned goods or pastas or something that doesn't spoil would help. And if you really can't afford to help us out monetarily or with material possessions—but love our music—then tell people about it. Your friends, enemies, classmates, drunk strangers you meet in a bar, whoever you could possibly think of that might enjoy our music and winning personalities...remember, without you we are nothing, a voice in the darkness that no one hears.
Q:  YeR mUsIk SuKs! YeW kIn LiK mY hAiRy nUtSaCk YeW fUkiN lOoSeRs!!
A:  Lern to spel. Then come back and flame us when we can understand what you're saying. And shave...that's just not a pretty picture.
Q:  Your music is pretty deep...what's it about?
A:  Well, what does it mean to you? Shadow knows what it means to him and it's usually something intense and personal and probably based on a particular incident in his life. But, since you haven't lived through the things he has, you would associate the songs with different memories. We have a healthy sense of humor but we take our music seriously. If we wanted to do something we thought would make us money and help us get laid, we'd be in a rap/metal band. Not that we don't want money and sex but you can rest assured it's not our intent in writing music. Shadow's a bit insane at times but he thinks that music is something that can heal us, comfort us in our time of need or serve as an outlet for our rage and frustration, actually keeping us from going crazy. So, if you've already killed your parents before reading this far into the FAQ, you missed our point completely and shouldn't even try to blame us for their murders cause you obviously were looking for a justification to follow through on unhealthy notions you harbored long before you ever heard of us.
Q:  Hey I came across your [website]/[music] and I really like it and will link to it if you will possibly [check out my website]/[listen to my music] and/or link to it.
A:  Sorry, we don't do this sort of thing. We post what we want to post and link to who we want to link to without having to feel it's an obligation. If you truly like what we do, then you would tell people about it, blog about it, whatever.

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