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Spitting Angels combine elements of goth, punk, metal and rock & roll to create a unique sound. Drawing from their diversity of influences the music is at once unique and catchy, expressing the duality of their Gemini frontman and main songwriter, Shadow. While the songs often span genres and defy categorization, Spitting Angels have already earned a reputation as a powerfully intense and emotionally charged live band. If their music does not resonate with something deep inside your soul, you may not be human...



RE: asleep beneath the waves

Wow, I really like this. I love the instrumentation. There is a really cool mood going on here. I relaxed feel but I love the percussion in this. Great job and very original!



Lyric Randomizer:

she's got the gothic taste
mix the sin and innocence,
lick the spoon and leave no trace

--"all hallow's valentine"

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spitting angels are a rock band from austin, tx, usa.